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See that guy on the bottom left, This was the first big trip I had ever taken.


Why do I leave? What do I look for? How do I do it?

These are questions I’m asked on almost a daily basis but I always have a rebuttal and its simple; Why do you stay? Don’t you get bored of the predictably of this life I mean its not to hard to wake up go to work go home eat and sleep thats an easy game but a wasted life. You see these once a year vacations they don’t mean anything, If I where to go once a year on a vacation I’m learning nothing. Don’t you find it interesting that we learn so much from the ages of 5-18 but almost seem to plateau in our mid and late 20’s? shouldn’t there be a continues growth? Now please don’t say our brain is formed at 25 and therefore we can’t continue to expand our knowledge and grow in experience because the simple fact is the brain is a muscle and if I where to go to the gym every day and just do dumbbell curls I’d have great biceps but nothing else would grow, Now don’t worry I’m getting back to the travel aspect of my point here, You need to go and expand your worldview and your mind. If you don’t your missing out on life and wasting the short finite time we have here on this beautiful planet.  I hope this Blog and the subsequent videos that come along with it challenge you to go and see the world, To get out of this “American Dream”.


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